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Flaming Fireball

We are a software development company headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas.

We are the creators of Jout, a collaborative outlining product with a multitude of uses, such as documentation of complex processes, automation of check-off procedures, and complex list management.

Jout stores its documents in Microsoft's Azure cloud, enabling access from web browsers, tablets and smart phones.  Users can be assigned authoring privileges at the document level or for individual outline elements, and an audit trail is maintained of all changes.  Marking an outline element as completed can trigger events such as the sending of emails or automated phone and text messages. Graphics, hyperlinks and other entities can be embedded at every level in the outline.

Jout is expected to be released sometime in late 2015.

These slick businessmen are discussing the upcoming release of Flaming Fireball's new software.

(Tragically, both of these men were hospitalized with neck injuries shortly after taking this picture)